Roller conveyors

  • rulliera motorizzata
  • rulliera a gravità

Product range

  • Motorized roller conveyors

    It can be used for handling loose and / or packaged materials and acts as a link between the various processing machines for the sole purpose of transporting the material from one work station to another.

  • Gravity curves roller conveyors

    Robustness, reliability, high constructive care and attention to detail.

  • Friction roller conveyors

    Suitable for handling various types of packages, even large ones, and are widely used in automated transport lines and handling of particularly heavy goods.

    In line with automatisms (stops and / or diverters), they are excellent machines for transporting the material.

  • Gravity and extensible roller conveyors

    Used for handling small and / or medium sized packages, such as boxes, bundles ...

    The Folli Roller Conveyors are widely used in the loading / unloading of vehicles and / or as accumulation buffer in the Weighing, Labeling, Taping and Strapping Systems.

    The extensible roller conveyors are used to facilitate the loading and unloading of vehicles to accumulate products before and after process lines.

  • Gravity roller conveyors

    Gravity roller conveyor with pneumatic system for handling kitchens.

  • Gravity roller conveyors

    Gravity roller conveyor for handling packages.

Unquestionable quality, able to successfully satisfy any need for internal handling

Robustness, reliability, high constructive care and attention to detail. Giuseppe Fangarezzi & figli s.r.l. manufactures and produces a wide range of roller conveyors of any type and able to reflect in the best way the needs of the customer and for applications in the most varied sectors of modern industry.

customizable and configurable

The roller conveyor is a valid solution to problems of movement and lateral containment of the transported material, thanks to its modularity and ease of installation is widely used in internal handling systems.

With cylindrical or conical, idle, motorized or frictioned rollers, thanks to their simplicity of use and reliability, they represent the most functional solution for horizontal movement.

At different levels of speed they can handle a large range of products including: drums, boxes, pallets, bags ... and any product that you move on a regular and constant support surface in its shape.


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