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  • Shuttle conveyor

    The shuttle conveyor is a machine used for transport on track or on ground rail of material, incorporated by a roller conveyor, fifth wheel or other transport components (special applications).

  • Shuttle conveyor

    It is used to guarantee the fulfillment of the internal handling service to the client company (transport, storage, collection, storage of the material).

High quality, silent operation.

Customized study It can be used for handling loose and / or packaged materials and acts as a link between the various processing machines for the sole purpose of transporting the material from one work station to another.

customizable and configurable

The Shuttle Conveyors are all equipped with suitable accident prevention protections in compliance with current regulations, so that no moving parts of the conveyor come into contact with the operator.
Speed ​​up and maximize the sorting of goods thanks to the positioning accuracy.

Characteristics to be defined during the design phase.

The shuttle conveyor is designed to serve plants that require high performance, such as automated warehouses.

It is designed and built for the specific needs of each individual application in which it will subsequently operate.

Like any Machine and / or almost Macchina by Giuseppe Fangarezzi & figli s.r.l. it is provided with a relative Certification of Conformity and of the Use and Maintenance Handbook of all the individual components of the Machine.

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