Rotating roller conveyor

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Product range

  • Rotating roller conveyor

    The Rotating roller conveyor is inserted into industrial transport systems, both with rollers and chains.

  • Motorized rotating roller conveyor

    It has the possibility to perform different rotations of the material according to the customer's needs, positioning it in the direction appropriate to its pick up or to the continuation of its transport.

  • Gravity rotating roller conveyor

    rotating roller conveyor for the movement and rotation of mattresses.

  • Rotating table

    The turntable is provided with a material inlet for the subsequent picking of it (automatic or manual).

Supplied with chains or rollers section, simple and functional

Reduced maintenance. It can be used for handling loose and / or packaged materials and acts as a link between the various processing machines for the sole purpose of transporting the material from one work station to another.

customizable and configurable

Precision rotation, silent operation, robustness

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