progettazione impianti di movimentazione

Phase 01

analysis and design

Clear and transparent criteria to ensure the objectivity of the study and its results, during the feasibility analysis. Our in-house Technical Department designs systems in the smallest detail right from the first steps following the entire process, for a 100% tailor-made product.

Innovative and versatile technical solutions to meet system requirements.

Phase 02

production of the plant

Our experience and professionalism guarantee our customers a very high quality for their realizations.

We manufacture and fine-tune the plant internally in our production area with the use of highly specialized and trained personnel. We use the most innovative building techniques ready to be installed.

Our production, a certainty of quality.

sistemi di movimentazione

Phase 03

installation of the system

We install our systems at customer’s site, our teams of mechanical technicians, composed of direct employees of the company, have the best experience in the industry.

No muss, no fuss. We take care of the whole installation and testing phase of the machines to guarantee a plant ready to be started.

From construction to final product installation, always with you.

automazione industriale

Phase 04


We train and accompany the our client’s staff to be able to use the system at its highest potential and to derive the best possible benefit from it.

Our specialized staff will be available for any doubt, simple information or clarification on the product.

Understand and integrate through a good staff training.

progettazione impianti di movimentazione

Phase 05

assistance and after-sales

Even after the commissioning of the new plant, we’re always present by supporting you on your journey. Our staff is trained for the diagnosis and rapid fix of any faults.

With our After-sales Assistance before, during and after your purchase.

sistemi di movimentazione industriale modena

Giuseppe Fangarezzi e Figli srl

the solution to all specific needs

Quality and attention to detail. Our experience guarantees the highest quality products able to respond to any degree of complexity.